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Phone us on 07745 510482 for your free lawn analysis and recommended treatments to get a lovely lawn.

Welcome to the Shropshire Lawn Company

We provide lawn care and lawn treatment services in central Shropshire around Shrewsbury and Telford to give our customers the lawns they want.
This includes:

  • regular feeding of your lawn with high quality fertilisers to give it the nutrients it needs at different times of the year
  • treatments to control weeds and moss - particularly after extremely wet conditions
  • treatments to improve the underlying condition of your lawn such as aeration, scarification, overseeding and topdressing
  • treatments to control and prevent pests and lawn disease such as chafer grubs, red thread and fairy rings.

We're a family run independent company, based in the heart of Shropshire. We'll carry out a free and no-obligation analysis of your lawn based on which we'll recommend a programme of treatments to get and keep your lawn looking good.